A sustained increase in the general price level—often measured by a broad index such as the consumer price index (CPI).

Doctor Brandon Colby on Predictive Medicine, the Power of Prevention and Planning for a Long Retirement

Brandon Colby, MD, is a world leader in the field of...


Why Even Bother with Self-Service Investing During Retirement

I have a huge amount of sympathy for many of the people who are recently retired or close to retirement.


PIMCO's Bill Gross Sees Higher Real Interest Rates

Bill Gross is the manager of the world's largest bond fund at PIMCO. Gross believes that "bonds have seen their best days" and that both inflation and real interest rates are headed higher.

Retirees at Risk in Ultra Low Interest Rate Environment

In a recent op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal Charles Schwab highlights the fact that the vast majority of retirees in the U.S. are suffering in the current low interest rate environment. The paltry returns on savings--the average rate on a one year CD is 1.3 percent--are 76 percent lower than even four years ago.

Demographics and Longevity Risk

The CFA Institute recently published an interview with Amlan Roy in the March/April issue of CFA Magazine. Amlan Roy is the head of global demographics and pension research at Credit Suisse in London.