A sustained increase in the general price level—often measured by a broad index such as the consumer price index (CPI).

Why the CPI-E should be the Focus of Seniors Concerned about Inflation

A price index such as the consumer price index (CPI) is intended to provide a rough gauge of the general direction of prices in the economy.

An increasing consumer price index represents price inflation while a decreasing price index may provide an indication of...

John Hancock Unveils an Inflation Protected Annuity

John Hancock Annuities announced the release of a new fixed annuity product that provides owners with inflation protection. The “Inflation Guard” product offers principal protection through a fixed interest rate that is guaranteed through the first year of the contract. After the first year, the interest rate is floating. This floating rate is based on a rate of inflation that is derived from the year-over-year change in the Consumer Price Index-Urban or “CPI-U.” A...

Understanding Swiss Annuities

While it might be an unusual time to provide an explanation of Swiss annuities given what has been taking place of late with the Swiss franc and related decisions made by the Swiss National Bank, it still makes sense for any financial services consumer to understand potential benefits of these products.

Switzerland - Courtesy of Travellingtamas


SOA Paper Examines Retirement Income Reality Gap

A recent paper sponsored by the...

Demography and Deflation

Japan’s experience over the past 20 years provides solid support for those who believe that there is a causal link between demographics and...