Compulsory Annuitization

The United Kingdom (UK) requires—under certain conditions—that residents purchase an annuity by age 75. Any tax-advantaged pension savings such as a personal pension plan or a defined contribution plan must be annuitized, and UK residents must do so with 75-100% of these assets by the time they turn age 75.

U.K. Government Considering an End to Compulsory Annuity Purchases

British lawmakers are considering an end to the law that requires many U.K. retirees to purchase an annuity by the time they turn age 75. As an interim step, the U.K Chancellor modified the current law so that the age for compulsory annuitization is increased to 77 from the current level of 75 years of age.

Most Retirees and Near Retirees "Consumed by Fear"

A recent article in Bloomberg discusses the financial challenges faced by most retirees in the United States and the steps that the Obama Administration is taking to address the crisis. The demise of defined benefit pension plans over the past thirty years correlates almost perfectly with the rise of defined contribution plans such as 401ks.

Annuities in 401k Plans Under Consideration by Obama Administration

Members of Congress and officials from the Departments of Treasury and Labor are working on options that would provide sources of guaranteed lifetime income to participants in 401k and other pension plans. At a high level, it is clear that the Obama Administration wants to create structures and incentives for: Increasing retirement savings. Providing people with the ability to turn those accumulated savings into streams of income that last through retirement. A trial program that would involve...

Australian Financial Services Executive Advocates Compulsory Annuitization

The head of an Australian financial service firm's life operations, Richard Howes, is an advocate of compulsory annuitization . Howes believes that 30 percent of retirement funding should be compulsorily assigned to guaranteed income streams--in other words to annuities. Howes also suggests that the relatively slow take-up of annuities in the Australian market is a result of investors who have been conditioned by a uninterrupted 20 year bull market in equities. Howes spells-out the case for...
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