Consumer Awareness

Demand for Annuities is Strong Despite Low Consumer Awareness

It is challenging to think of another sector of the U.S. economy that has the same puzzling mix of characteristics as the...

DTCC Uses Technology to Drive Cost Savings and Efficiency in the Retirement Income Industry

Adam J. Bryan is Managing Director and General Manager of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) Insurance &Retirement Services.

DTCC’s Insurance and Retirement business unit is the central messaging hub for...


Low Consumer Awareness

A story from the UK confirms that consumer awareness of annuities is quite possibly the lowest of any consumer financial services product.

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Harvard Professor Roland Fryer – The Annuity Puzzle and Why People are More Comfortable Flying if They Can See the Cockpit

The annuity puzzle refers to the fact that few people choose to annuitize even a portion of...