Guaranteed Living Benefit

Guaranteed living benefits (GLB) or living benefits are optional guarantees that can be embedded into variable annuity products. In the past, variable annuities could come with a guaranteed minimum death benefit (GMDB) which paid a minimum benefit upon death of the annuitant. Over the past decade, however, product development and innovation have flourished, and insurers offer income, accumulation, or withdrawal guarantees that can provide a significant measure of protection against market risk while the annuitant is alive. Some of these “living benefits” include: guaranteed minimum income benefit (GMIB); guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit (GMWB); guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB), and; guaranteed minimum accumulation benefit (GMAB). Guaranteed living benefits have proven to be incredibly popular. More than 95% of variable annuity sales in 2007 contained some form of living benefit. Guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits (GLWB) have proven to be one of the most popular guarantees.

AXA Equitable Releases Innovative Variable Annuity

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company has been an innovator in the variable annuity industry. The company was a pioneer in the area of guaranteed living benefits with the launch of the first guaranteed minimum income benefit . AXA has recently launched a new variable annuity product named "Retirement Cornerstone." Retirement Cornerstone features a "dual account platform" that provides the potential for long-term asset accumulation and growth as well as downside protection through a guaranteed...

Incremental Changes in the Variable Annuity Market

Much has been said about the impact of the financial crisis on variable annuity products and insurers. Wall Street Journal columnist Leslie Scism recently wrote about the first wave of variable annuity product redesigns to hit the post financial crisis market. Common themes include simplicity, cost efficiency and conservative benefit features. Scism provides some very good detail on the most recent wave of guaranteed living benefit features. Source: Wall Street Journal Full Story
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Longevity Risk and Portfolio Protection Without a Variable Annuity

Two of the most daunting risks faced by the majority of retirees are:

Financial Advisors on the Defensive as Variable Annuities Prove to be Among Best Wealth Management Vehicles of Past Decade

A recent article from Wall Street Journal columnist Leslie Scism discusses the value that has been preserved and delivered over the past several years by variable annuities and living benefits . Despite intense media criticism and generally negative perceptions among financial advisors, variable annuities have been among the best wealth management vehicles of the past decade. The performance and value have been especially evident during the recent capital markets implosion. Scism makes the...
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What happens if I die 5 years into a 9 year annuity? Can my heirs still receive the principal?

The question basically deals with the issues of revocability and