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Would it be advisable to switch from my annuity to another type of investment?

It's difficult to provide an in depth response without having some more detail on the type of


Are there single premium immediate annuities offered direct from A++ rated companies?

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How is the value of an annuity calculated once you have started to receive payments in order to determine the IRS required minimum distributions?

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We are not tax / financial advisors, but will try to provide some information that points you in the right direction and enables you to present good questions to your advisors.

The relevant section of the IRS code appears to be: Treas. Reg. section 1.401(a)(9)-6, Q&A12

Note that there appear to have been some relevant modifications to the IRS code in 2006.

Is it possible to use USD in an IRA account to purchase a Swiss Longevity annuity?

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First thing to consider is that--to my knowledge--there are only a few types of annuities offered by Swiss insurance companies.

Do fixed annuity rates generally track the federal prime rate, the Treasury bond rate, or some other financial metric?

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In a nutshell, keep an eye on 30 year U.S. mortgage rates.

Moshe Milevsky does a great job addressing this question in paper he co-authored last spring titled "The Annuity Duration Puzzle".