Bequest Motive

The term bequest motive refers to the incentives behind the desire for a person or persons to pass along their assets when they pass away to heirs such as children or other family members. The bequest motive is important to understand in the context of annuities because certain types of annuities tie-up assets and prevent the contract owner from passing along or “bequeathing” those assets to their heirs.

Bob MacDonald on the Unprecedented Opportunity in the Annuity Industry

Bob MacDonald has had a storied career as a leading entrepreneur and executive in the financial services industry.

Some of Bob’s roles include: president and CEO of ITT Life; founder, chairman and CEO of the highly successful LifeUSA, and; CEO of...

Annuity Purchase Pitfalls

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Annuity Digest Buying Guide: Annuity Purchase Pitfalls

Key Financial Planning Concepts

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Annuity Digest Buying Guide: Key Financial Planning Concepts

The following are a few key concepts to think about, look for, or listen to when developing a financial plan:

Information Gathering: This is one of the first steps in the financial planning process.  Your financial advisor should gather quite a bit of information about you and your current financial status.

Calculating the Value of a Longevity Annuity

A longevity annuity is arguably the most efficient way to...

How Much to Annuitize

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