The genome is the storehouse of all biological bits of information that make up a species--human, elephant, vegetable or the cold virus. Within the genome are all the parts--chromosomes, genes, DNA--that make up the genetic or hereditary blueprint. Think of genome as a giant book with all the instructions for making life. If a genome is a book filled with words, DNA is the paper, ink and glue. The 3 billion letters in a human genome, if arranged in a straight line will stretch nearly 2,000 miles, but the same information is packed into a single cell that’s smaller than the tip of a pin.

Doctor Brandon Colby on Predictive Medicine, the Power of Prevention and Planning for a Long Retirement

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Genome Sequencing Represents a Gusher of Productivity in Healthcare

While the national debate on healthcare comes to a climax in Congress, there is clear evidence of enormous productivity gains in healthcare. It is reported that the cost of genome sequencing continues to plummet in a Moore's Law fashion. The total cost of sequencing an entire human genome started at $3 billion.
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