Genetics is the branch of science that focuses on how genes affect all living things. Genes influence the distribution and variation of variation all hereditary characteristics such as eye color, height whether you have long legs or a healthy heart, etc. Genetics can be applied to all organisms--ranging from bacteria to humans. Genes contain the information or code that determine that biological characteristics that make us who we are. Through the study of genes, scientists aspire to address a broad range of issues including curing diseases, protecting and conserving endangered species, improving crop yields and developing new solutions for health-related problems.

The Best Time to Buy an Annuity Depends on Mortality

A basic life annuity makes payments when the annuity owner is alive.   

In this sense, an annuity is the reverse of...

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Doctor Brandon Colby on Predictive Medicine, the Power of Prevention and Planning for a Long Retirement

Brandon Colby, MD, is a world leader in the field of...


First Artificial Cell Ushers in Era of Synthetic Biology

Scientists--led by Craig Venter--have created the first man-made or synthetic cell. The accomplishment is considered by many industry participants and observers to be a landmark event that represents a demarcation point in biology and genetic engineering . The one-celled organism was essentially created from computer code.

Centenarians are the Fastest Growing Demographic

Centenarians are people who live to 100 years of age or more. This group of people happens to be the fastest growing demographic in the developed world. In the United States, for example, the centenarian population is doubling every decade. Scientists are actively studying this segment of the population with the hope of gaining insights into what drives longevity .
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Stanford University Hosts Longevity Conference

The Stanford Center on Longevity recently hosted a conference covering a range of topics that include demographics , stem cells, genetics and Social Security . The Center on Longevity is a great information source for anything related to aging, the impact of regenerative medicine on aging, demographics, public policy, financial security, etc. Conference highlights--which are very interesting and worth a quick read--are published on the Center's site. Source: Stanford Center on Longevity Full...