Predictive Medicine

Predictive medicine uses genetic testing to predict the likelihood of a person being afflicted with a certain disease or ailment. By obtaining this information and assessing such risks, predictive medicine theoretically allows a person to take effective steps towards prevention of the disease. The intent is to catch things early enough to be able to delay or otherwise manage the occurrence of disease. In theory, predictive medicine will have a major influence on the way patients are treated as physicians will move from reacting to illness to prescribing for prevention and protection. Predictive medicine has raised many ethical and legal questions, with concerns raised about the use of genetic information and possible discrimination by health insurance and life insurance providers.

Doctor Brandon Colby on Predictive Medicine, the Power of Prevention and Planning for a Long Retirement

Brandon Colby, MD, is a world leader in the field of predictive medicine, a medical specialty that combines comprehensive genetic testing with personalized prevention based upon your genes.  Dr. is the author Outsmart Your Genes, a book and accompanying website that provide a guide to the field of predictive medicine.  Dr. Colby also serves as the Medical Director of Existence Health, a predictive medicine private practice based in Los Angeles, and he is the founder and CEO of Existence...


Why You Should Care About Predictive Medicine and Anti-Aging Science

Much of my professional background has been focused around the healthcare industry and I find the fields of predictive medicine and anti-aging science fascinating.

The latest developments in these fields will increasingly impact the length and quality of human life, and as a result, I believe these are issues that are necessary to discuss when planning for retirement.  

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Brandon Colby, a leader in the field of predictive medicine. The full interview is published here.

Similarly, I corresponded with science writer David Stipp who is well known for his career...