Financial Planning

Financial planning refers to a process whereby a financial professional partners with individuals, families and/or businesses to help them accomplish their stated financial goals and objectives. Financial planning typically involves addressing several key financial areas such as income planning, debt management and reduction, investment planning and management, tax planning, estate planning, long-term care expenses, and retirement income planning and asset decumulation.

Should I invest in a variable annuity?

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It is generally very difficult if not impossible to provide a simple yes/no answer to this type of question without having much more detail regarding your situation and needs.  That said, here are some things to think about:


The Head of Retirement and Services at BofA Merrill Lynch Offers Views on Retirement Planning Reform

Andy Sieg is the head of Retirement Planning and Services for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Sieg provides his views on retirement planning reform in a recent op-ed piece in Investment Advisor. Among Sieg's points are: Support of the steps recently outlined by the Obama Administration to ancourage and support adequate financial planning for retirement. Specifically, support of incentives such as automatic enrollment for employer-sponsored savings options such as 401ks and IRAs. Support of...