Brett Arends

Breaking-Down the Annuity Expense Criticism

Coverage of annuities by the broader financial media tends to be negative, with much of the criticism focused on annuity expenses.

The criticism is typically accompanied by a blue-sky investing scenario that makes the case for annuities that much less compelling.  The theoretical retail...


Planning for the Magic Retirement Number

Attempting to determine the amount of money one will need in retirement is an exercise fraught with complexity and uncertainty. Wall Street Journal personal finance columnist Brett Arends offers his take on the right approach in a recent column. Arends suggests the following: Determine the amount of annual income you will need in retirement. Estimate your annual Social Security receipts. Subtract defined benefit pension income and any other source of annuity or pension-like income. Multiply the...

Salvaging Retirement

Wall Street Journal columnist Brett Arends wrote a recent piece (subscription required) titled "How to Salvage Your Retirement."

As is almost always the case with Arends, a very interesting and worthwhile piece.

Brett Arends on Life Settlements

Wall Street Journal personal finance columnist Brett Arends wrote an excellent piece on life settlements from a consumer perspective. Arends discusses: The inefficiencies of the life settlement market. When a life settlement makes sense. What to watch out for as a potential seller of a life insurance policy. Rates of return (10-12%) for buyers and investors in the life settlement market. The top three considerations for sellers in the market. Source: Wall Street Journal Full Story
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