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Why Warren Buffett's Prescription Will Not Work for Retirees

In a Fortune article titled “Why Stocks Beat Gold and Bonds,” Warren Buffett provides a glimpse of his upcoming shareholder letter.

While Buffett’s advice is perfect for investors who have a long-term perspective, anyone near or in retirement may want to think twice about acting on the prescription.

The core of Buffett’s advice is as follows:

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Risks in Reverse Mortgage Market Lead to Wells Fargo Exit

Bloomberg reports that Wells Fargo Bank is exiting the reverse mortgage market. Wells is apparently concerned about the risk of further declines in residential real estate prices. A reverse mortgage puts a bank like Wells Fargo in the role of lender with the home serving as the asset or collateral for the loan. Further declines in home values put the bank at risk since the asset base against which they are lending is shrinking while their obligation stays the same. A deflationary environment is...

DTCC Uses Technology to Drive Cost Savings and Efficiency in the Retirement Income Industry

Adam J. Bryan is Managing Director and General Manager of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) Insurance &Retirement Services.

DTCC’s Insurance and Retirement business unit is the central messaging hub for...


Can a 10 year variable annuity with 5 year penalties be cashed out after 5 years without penalty?

You need to take a look at the surrender charges your particular VA contract.