Annuity Duration

Duration is a measure of the time associated with cash flows or payments from a bond. Duration measures the amount of time (in years from the purchase date) required for a bond owner to receive interest and principal payments that are equal to the cost of the bond.

Long duration bonds have payments that are spread-out over a relatively long period of time (...

Notes from the CFA Institute Fixed Income Conference

The CFA Institute just held its 2012 fixed income conference in San Francisco.

Speakers shared a very broad range of perspectives on fixed income issues over the course of about a dozen sessions.

Session notes and observations (in no particular order) include:

Demographics and Deleveraging -- Rick Rieder, Blackrock

The Best Idea in Light of Demographic and Fiscal Challenges -- Scott Simon, PIMCO


Research Questions Role of Asset Allocation in Retirement

Research from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College suggests that asset allocation is a relatively ineffective factor in creating a secure foundation of retirement income . The research examines and compares the effectiveness of a handful of levers that have the potential to contribute to a solid foundation of retirement income. Among the levers or contributing factors considered are: Asset Allocation Working Longer A Reverse Mortgage Spending Less The various retirement income...

The Hartford Seeks to Avoid Repeat of 2008

The 2008 financial crisis hit the Hartford Financial Services Group harder than many of its peers. At a recent investor meeting, executives from The Hartford discussed how the company has positioned itself to avoid a repeat of 2008—largely through de-risking of its balance sheet. The following is a high-level representation of changes in the composition of assets in The Hartford’s investment portfolio: Reduced holdings of commercial mortgage-backed securities Reduced subordinated...

Five Questions for Don McNay

Don MaNay is a financial columnist, a Huffington Post contributor and an expert in the field of structured settlements. 

Don’s financial guidance is refreshingly straightforward, filled with good common sense, and geared towards a Main Street audience.  His most recent book is titled Wealth Without Wall Street: A Main Street Guide to Making Money. 

We had an opportunity to speak to Don about his financial practice and his most recent book.