SOA Offers Consumer-Oriented Content for Retirement Decisions

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) just published a series of short whitepapers or “briefs” that focus on some of the major decisions that are encountered by retirees.

This is a great resource for consumers who are seeking objective content produced by experts.

The Society has clearly made efforts to create content that is accessible to a non professional audience.  The briefs are clear, short and focus on consumer-relevant topics such as “when should I retire.”

There are 11 briefs, and the topics include:

  • Big Question: When Should I Retire
  • When Retirement Comes too Soon
  • Women Take the Wheel: Destination Retirement
  • Deciding When to Claim Social Security
  • Designing a Monthly Paycheck for Retirement
  • Treating Asset Allocation Like a Roadmap
  • Securing Health Insurance for the Retirement Journey
  • Taking the Long-Term Care Journey
  • Where to Live in Retirement
  • Estate Planning: Preparing for End of Life
  • Finding Trustworthy Advice for Retirement and Avoiding Pitfalls

Source: Society of Actuaries

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