Pension Buy-Out

Defined benefit plan sponsors use pension buy-outs to hedge longevity risk. With a pension buy-out, existing pension plan assets and liabilities are transferred to an insurance company. The insurance company therefore assumes responsibility for the longevity risk of the plan.

An Interview with Peter Nakada of RMS

Peter Nakada is a Managing Director, capital markets at Risk Management Solutions (RMS).  We had a chance to speak to Peter about...

Why Financial De-Risking May Leave Consumers at a Loss

The term de-risk has been appearing frequently in recent financial news. 

General Motors’ recent decision to offer lump-sum...

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Calculating the Value of a Pension Buyout Offer

One way to evaluate a...

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Longevity Market Leaps Ahead with Launch of Life and Longevity Markets Association

A group of banks and insurance companies recently formed a London-based trade group called the Life and Longevity Markets Association (LLMA). The LLMA aims to develop a liquid market for longevity risk that taps into broader capital markets rather than just the balance sheets of certain insurers and reinsurers. A core focus will be on longevity swaps and making the longevity swap transaction process more efficient. Longevity swaps serve as a risk transfer alternative to pension buyouts. The...