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Annuity Criticisms Often Boil-Down to Control of Assets


Breaking-Down the Annuity Expense Criticism

Coverage of annuities by the broader financial media tends to be negative, with much of the criticism focused on annuity expenses.

The criticism is typically accompanied by a blue-sky investing scenario that makes the case for annuities that much less compelling.  The theoretical...


The Top Reasons to Consider an Annuity

Annuities are complex, largely misunderstood, and often misrepresented in popular financial media.

The reality, though, is that these financial products are becoming an increasingly important part of the financial plans of millions of people around the world.  In fact, annuities are a vital component of the...

The Costs of Investing and How the Fund Management Industry Comes Out on Top

A common refrain among the financial media and the asset accumulation community is that annuities represent a poor option because of the high fees and expenses—much of which is presumably directed towards compensation of intermediaries—that are incurred by the customer.


Reverse Mortgages Need to be Viewed with More Objectivity

Reverse mortgages and annuities share some key similarities: Both financial vehicles have the potential to provide stable sources of income to retirees. Reverse mortgages and annuities both suffer from relentlessley negative coverage in popular financial media. As a result, reverse mortgages and annuities are largely misunderstood. Objective information and commentary are hard to come by. Even public officials who have responsibility for issues related to reverse mortgages struggle with the...