Why You Should Care About Predictive Medicine and Anti-Aging Science

Much of my professional background has been focused around the healthcare industry and I find the fields of predictive medicine and anti-aging science fascinating.

The latest developments in these fields will increasingly impact the length and quality of human life, and as a result, I believe these are issues that are necessary to discuss when planning for retirement.  

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Brandon Colby, a leader in the field of predictive medicine. The full interview is published here.

Similarly, I corresponded with science writer David Stipp who is well known for his career as a science journalist and is currently promoting his latest book, The Youth Pill. My discussion with David can be viewed in full here.

Predictive medicine and anti-aging drugs may still seem like science fiction to most of us, but that is changing quickly. Whether you are researching, buying or selling an annuity, consider the impact of predictive medicine and anti-aging advances. Here’s why:

1.       Research and developments over the last 20 years will result in the ability to lead healthier, longer lives, and our ability to predict and manage disease will likely look very, very different 10 years from now.

2.       Retirement planning is challenging enough as it is.  Stretching your nest egg to live even 5 more years than expected has huge implications for most people.

3.       Planning for retirement = planning for longevity. Longevity increases are a blessing but also present new financial risks to consider.