For Retail Investors Who Want to Sleep at Night

It is the afternoon (markets are closed) of August 9 2011, and millions of retail investors around the world must be asking themselves whether they can continue to stomach the gut-wrenching capital market volatility

The issue and questions about staying-power take on another dimension for those who are close to retirement or in retirement.  Retirement spending plans and the viability of retirement plans in general are brought into question. 

For those who are seeking alternatives to the madness of daily market volatility, I can think of few information sources that are better than Zvi Bodie. 

Zvi Bodie is an economics professor at Boston University.  Bodie is also a nationally recognized authority on personal finance.  Bodie’s writing and interviews are highly accessible and geared for “ordinary” investors. 

Bodie’s own website (click here to view) is probably the best source of information as it is straight from the source and aggregates his own content as well as third-party media.  A very recent radio interview that can be accessed by clicking here.  

I have referenced and written about Bodie on other occasions.  The point here is to highlight an alternative perspective that might be especially welcome given the activity in financial markets over the past several days.