Mortality generally refers to death and more specifically to the rate of death among a given population.

Study Finds a Link Between Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Longevity

Scientists at Stanford University and the University of Texas at Austin published a study that suggests moderate to heavy alchohol consumption may actually be beneficial from a longevity perspective. The study tracked 1,824 individuals over a 20 year period. It should be notes that the study focused on individuals between the ages of 55-65. Results indicate: Moderate drinkers (those who consume between 1 and 3 drinks per day) have the lowest mortality rates. Controlling only for gender and age...

Most People Born Since 2000 Will Celebrate 100th Birthday

A recent article in Nature magazine suggests that the majority of children born since 2000 will celebrate their 100th birthdays in the twenty second century. The article acknowledges that the rate of senescence or biological aging has proven remarkably constant across over time.
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Demographics and Longevity Risk

The CFA Institute recently published an interview with Amlan Roy in the March/April issue of CFA Magazine. Amlan Roy is the head of global demographics and pension research at Credit Suisse in London.

Glenn Daily on Buying Annuities and Why it Might Make Sense to Wait

Glenn Daily is one of the top financial advisors in the country. 

Specializing in life insurance and annuities, Glenn is widely...


The World is Very Long on Longevity Risk

Longevity risk is clearly a huge growth market.  One has to wonder, though, where the capacity to address this market opportunity will come from.