Mortality Credit

The mortality credit is also known as the mortality yield. With a participating annuity, premiums paid by those who die earlier than expected contribute to gains of the overall pool and provide a higher yield or credit to survivors than could be achieved through individual investments outside of the pool. The mortality credit increases significantly with age and hedges longevity risk, often creating a return that would be impossible to match in the broader financial markets.

Francois Gadenne and the Formation of the Retirement Income Industry

Francois Gadenne is the Chairman and Executive Director of the Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA).

Formed in 2006, RIIA is bringing together the leading minds and resources in the relatively young retirement income industry.  RIIA members include leading academics, banks, insurers, fund companies,...

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Money Magazine on Immediate Annuities

There is a good article on the use of immediate annuities by Walter Updegrave who is a senior editor at Money Magazine. The article discusses how to think about an immediate annuity in light of other guaranteed payments from Social Security or a pension plan . Laddering of annuity purchases is discussed. Age and timing of an annuity purchase is addressed, as is the concept of the mortality yield or mortality credit. Source: Money Magazine Full Story