Baby Boomer

Baby boomer is the term for the generation born when birth rates spiked during the post-war years between 1946-1964. Because of that big bulge in demographics, baby boomers have had a substantial influence on marketing and advertising. As many as 77 million babies were born in this period in the United States, creating the largest and most affluent consumer group in history. The baby boomers have had substantial impact on the housing and car markets. Now that they have started to retire, they are creating new demand for health care products ranging from hip replacements, pacemakers to retirement communities, pharmaceuticals for handling age-related diseases and anti-aging supplements and cosmetics as the baby boomers are working and living longer than previous generations.

Yield-Starved and Losing Patience

It seemed obvious several years ago that retirees would shoulder much of the burden of the financial crisis and its residual effects.

While events have generally played-out in line with this projection, the backlash from seniors has been surprisingly subdued.  The lack of pitchforks seems odd given the fact that the number of retirement age voters is increasing by 10,000 each day in the United States.

That said, the capital versus retirees story has been trending-up lately. This may have something to do with...

Achaean Financial is Proving Innovation is Alive and Well in the Annuity Business

Lorry Stensrud, a seasoned executive turned entrepreneur, is on the leading-edge of retirement income product development with his new Venture Achaean Financial.

Achaean’s Income Plus+ product provides a relatively high level of guaranteed starting income while maintaining both...

Annuity Industry Pioneer Jerry Golden at Work on his Latest Venture

Jerry Golden--often referred to as the father of variable life insurance and variable annuities--has had a distinguished career as an innovator...

Zvi Bodie on the Safety of Stocks in the Long Run

The notion that stocks are risky in the short-run but safe in the long run is a dangerous financial fallacy according to Boston University professor Zvi Bodie.

Professor Bodie has been communicating this view consistently for many years, and the financial crisis has provided strong support for his argument.

The gist of Bodie's view involves that impact that equity market...