Ageing Science

Figuring out why and how we age and what can be done to prolong life falls under the ambit of ageing science. Some scientists are declaring that a person’s life span can stretch to 100 years, begging the question of how to provide for health and prevention as we are living longer. As scientists unlock the secrets of growing old, some may come up with treatments to slow or reverse the process. Currently, pharmaceutical research and the health system in general are keyed towards reacting to illnesses as opposed to keeping a person healthy or staying young in the later years. This focus may change as the elderly population in many countries continues to take-up a larger share of the overall population.

RMS Model Provides a New Perspective on Longevity Risk

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) is well known as a leader in the area of catastrophe modeling and analytics.  The company provides its services to a broad range of insurers, reinsurers, consultants and capital markets participants who are active in the property and casualty insurance industry.

More recently, the company has developed resources that focus on life and health risks.  Though initially focused on...