Retirement Planning

Living at a level of comfort you’re used to when you retire requires taking steps to ensure that you have enough money. Retirement planning involves examining your goals for retirement, and then figuring how much you need to meet those objectives. You need to figure-out when to start investing and saving, how much you need to save, and what you may expect to receive from other sources such as Social Security. Retirement objectives, costs and resources are issues you need to take stock of before you quit working. Otherwise, you may find that you can’t afford to stop working.

Preparing for the Unexpected in Retirement

There is a good piece by Linda Stern in Reuters that serves as a reminder of what a challenge retirement planning can be given the number of variables and what is potentially an absurdly long time horizon.

20 - 40 years is basically a lifetime, but this is the time period that most retirees are grappling with when they need to structure their finances for retirement.

The author of the Reuters piece discusses 5 different retirement planning uncertainties and how to potentially address them:

Bull Market in Annuity Advice

LPL's president of national sales and marketing--Bill Dwyer--spoke at a recent event centered around national retirement planning.

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Securian Financial Group

Securian Financial Group is located in St. Paul, Minnesota and was founded in 1880. It is the parent company for Minnesota Life Insurance Company and Securian Life Insurance Company which, together, sell insurance, investment and retirement products to individuals and businesses in 50 states.

The product and services offered by Securian Financial Group and its member companies to individuals and businesses include life insurance, group insurance, annuities, retirement planning, investment advisory, and financial planning. A brief overview of the offerings is given below:

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Securian Center 400 and 401 Robert Street North
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Retirement Planning Research from Society of Actuaries

There is a great research report that was just published by the

Federal Annuity Guarantees

There is an interesting op-ed in the New York Times (click here to read) that discusses the notion of a basic, inflation adjusted

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