Select Portfolio Deferred Income Annuity offered by Northwestern Mutual

Type of Product Fixed Annuity
Product NameSelect Portfolio Deferred Income Annuity
Offered byNorthwestern Mutual
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Company OfferingNorthwestern Mutual
Company TypeInsurance Company
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Let's not forget one of the other key benefits of working with a mutual insurance company such as Northwestern Mutual.

There is the possibility that owners of Northwestern Mutual longevity insurance will receive a dividend.

Mutual insurers direct "surplus" back to their policyowners in the form of dividends.

This is in contrast to a publicly owned corporation which would shovel any surplus or profit right back to shareholders.

This is a huge potential benefit to longevity annuity owners because any potential dividend would increase the level of future income available to the contract holder.

Dividends and mutual insurers also seem to have interests that are better aligned with their customers.

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Exciting and interesting to see some of the larger, more stable companies in the market release longevity insurance products.

Northwestern Mutual just came to market with its Select Portfolio Deferred Income Annuity.

The market still seems small but companies such as Northwestern Mutual and New York Life seem to be dedicated to the market on a longer-term basis despite all the challenges in the fixed annuity market due to low interest rates.

It also helps to be a mutual insurer in this space.  It allows the NW Mutuals and NY Lifes of the world to "play the long game" in a way that their publicly-owned competitors cannot.

Also super helpful to have the super strong financial ratings to back the long-term promises associated with longevity insurance.  NW Mutual and NY Life are the types of companies that can credibly back multi-decade financial promises.


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