Structured Sale Annuity to Defer Capital Gain ?

Jan 2010 : Wondering if anyone has any experience or recommendations regarding the use of an annuity as an alternative to a 1031C exchange. The goal is to defer significant capital gain on the sale of a second home, without having to purchase another property, as is required in a 1031. Thnx.


First, let me say that the Structured Sale annuity is a fixed income annuity with design features that are unobtainable in any other annuity contract sale.

Safe and secure, the Structured Sale is a unique type of Installment Sale that's created by Agreement or an Addendum to an existing Sale Agreement, between a bonafide seller and buyer and in accordance with Internal Revenue Code 453, Installment Sales. Coupled with a Third Party Assignment of Obligation, the Structured Sale provides the seller with predictable, management free income and a guaranteed rate of return with no reinvestment risk. There's no out-of-pocket cost or ongoing expense to either the seller or buyer. In essence, the Structured Sale is an "insured" installment sale.

Additionally, the annuity allows for an income stream to be deferred for up to twenty years from closing along with guaranteed lump sum payments, or the combination of most any other desired stream of payments. One can also have multiple streams, each commencing at different times with different payment streams. But, this type of annuity can only be purchased via the Structured Sale of a business or property pursuant to Internal Revenue Code section, 453, Installment Sales. The annuity contract is used to secured certain installment payments set forth in the Sale Agreement or the Addendum to the Sale Agreement..

Valuable sale dollars that would have been lost to taxes are first conserved; then paid to the seller by means of installment payments. Using the Pre-Tax sale dollars, the Structured Sale has a distinct income producing advantage over investing the sale proceeds, net after-tax.

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I just saw question today (7-16-2012) and wanted to let you know that I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding the Structured Sale. If you still have questions, please feel free to email or call me anytime. There's no out-of-pocket cost to the seller or buyer and there's no cost for my services. Owner of