Variable Annuities, Financial Planning and Human Capital

Although mentioned previously , it is worth noting again that Moshe Milevsky is the most active, creative and interesting voice in the asset decumulation industry. Moshe produces copious amounts of outstanding materials that shed light on the world of annuities for both professional and consumer audiences. A recent interview in The Journal of Financial Planning is highly recommended. Moshe is working on a soon to be released book on lifecycle investing . In the Journal of Financial Planning...

Federal Appeals Court May Vacate SEC Rule 151A

A federal appeals court indicated that it may vacate SEC Rule 151A which would require that fixed indexed annuities be regulated as securities by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The court determined that the SEC may have failed to properly assess the 151A's potential impact on efficiency, competition and capital formation in the industry. This point is similar to those raised by Sheryl Moore in this interview .
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Aubrey de Grey on Longevity

Aubrey de Gray is a biomedical gerontologist whose efforts are directed towards reversing the aging process--in other words, to enhancing human longevity . He is also a co-founder and chief scientist of the Methuselah Foundation , a non-profit organization dedicated to extending healthy human life. There are numerous resources that illuminate his goals and work. The recent interview available in the link below provides a snapshot of some of his views. Source: Machines Like Us Full Story

TIAA-CREF CEO on Annuities as the Backbone of a 21st Century Retirement System

In a recent interview, TIAA-CREF CEO Roger Ferguson discusses post financial crisis retirement planning and CREF's role in the new retirement planning landscape. Ferguson believes that increasing longevity in the U.S. is a key driver of what will be a very different 21st century retirement system. Ferguson also suggests that stable sources of lifetime guaranteed income --in other words an annuity --should provide the "backbone" of the future system: It's really important to use this to educate...

Zvi Bodie on the Flaws in Conventional Investment Advice

Boston University economist Zvi Bodie is as candid as ever in a recent interview published in Money Magazine. Bodie believes that the vast majority of consumers have been deceived by conventional financial advice: The standard models that are used to give investment advice to millions of Americans are fundamentally wrong. We're told that over time, stocks get less risky, but that's bull. Stocks are always risky -- whether in the short or long run. Prices dropped by 37% last year. While...