Inflation Risk

The risk of a decrease in future purchasing power due to rising prices. Inflation risk can impact fixed annuities that do not contain inflation protection because it erodes the future power of a stream of fixed payments. For example, a relatively modest 3% rate of inflation will reduce the purchasing power of a $3,000 monthly payment to $1,660 within 20 years.

Dollar Vulnerability Presents Interest Rate and Inflation Risk

Politico recently reported on the possibility of a concerted attack on the U.S. dollar which, if valid, could have a meaningful impact on annuity owners and other recipients of fixed income . The story suggests that Arab oil sheiks are conspiring with the Chinese and Russian governments to eliminate the U.S. dollar's role as the reserve currency in the global oil trade. The dollar's role in the oil trade serves as a linchpin for its relative strength and role as the world's overall reserve...

Putnam CEO Advocates New Approach to Retirement Planning

Putnam Investments CEO Robert Reynolds spoke about the notion of "lifetime financial product allocation" at a recent industry conference. Reynolds supports the notion of a range of products over the course of one's lifetime that include: Lifetime income options to hedge against longevity risk . Relative return strategies to hedge inflation risk. Absolute return strategies to deal with both inflation and volatility risk ( sequence of returns risk ). Reynolds offered comments on the over-reliance...

Gold on a Tear While Buffett Takes a Break

If gold prices and Warren Buffett’s investing activities are any indication, the near-term could prove difficult for investors.

Warren Buffett was selling more stocks than he was buying earlier this summer, and...


Buffett and Pictet Express Concerns About Inflation

Warren Buffett expressed his concerns about budget deficits and inflation risk in a recent New York Times op-ed piece. Asset managers at Pictet and Cie which is Switzerland's largest private bank also have concerns about inflation in the United States, and they are backing this view with part of the $60 billion in fixed income assets that they manage. Pictet is committed to periodic purchases of treasury inflation protected securities ( TIPS ) in light of their inflation thesis. Recent and...
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Ordinary Investors Can Outsource their Hedging and Derivatives Management through Annuities

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