Pension Plan

The term pension plan is synonymous with pension. Please refer to the Annuity Digest glossary definition for pension which can be viewed here:

Longevity Swaps

The longevity swap market is heating up with many employers / plan sponsors who offer traditional defined benefit pension plans eager to offload longevity-related liabilities to parties who are interested in assuming the risk.

Annuities and Other Forms of Guaranteed Income are Priorities for the Obama Administration

Much has been written over the past couple of weeks about the Obama Administration's support of annuities.

The New York Times ran a story about the "unloved annuity getting a hug from Obama."

Bloomberg featured an article in its personal finance section describing the potential, the pitfalls and the overall industry enthusiasm surrounding in-plan annuities.

The federal government has posted a...

Inflation and Fixed Indexed Annuities

This forum thread is a continuation of a conversation that began as a comment and can be found here:

The comment came from Phillip Hawley and is as follows:


Demand for Longevity Risk Picks-up with Lower Volatility

Demand for longevity risk has been returning to the UK pension market. High levels of volatility during the financial crisis deterred many players in the pension buyout market. The return to normalcy in the capital markets may, in fact, be contributing to under-pricing of longevity risk among those who are providing solutions to UK pension plan sponsors who seek to offload longevity-related liabilities. A worthwhile article in the Financial Times discusses the range of options that are...
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