Longevity is the length or duration of a life.

MetLife is Nudging the World of Defined Contribution toward Income Annuities

Jody Strakosch is the National Director for MetLife’s Retirement Products Group.  In this role, Jody has a broad perspective on developments in the institutional space.  In other words, Jody is intimately familiar with how in-plan accumulation and point of retirement annuities are evolving in the defined contribution arena. 



Rising Longevity Driving Increases in UK Pension Liabilities

Reuters reports that corporate pension obligations in the UK are increasing as a result of improving life expectancies. According to consultancy Aon Hewitt, there has been a "huge amount of improvement in terms of life expectancy assumptions" over the past 10 years. The flipside of this increasingly longevity is the risk that it presents to those who must finance greater longevity. For example, it is estimated that rising rates of longevity contributed 5 billion pounds to British corporate...

Study Finds a Link Between Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Longevity

Scientists at Stanford University and the University of Texas at Austin published a study that suggests moderate to heavy alchohol consumption may actually be beneficial from a longevity perspective. The study tracked 1,824 individuals over a 20 year period. It should be notes that the study focused on individuals between the ages of 55-65. Results indicate: Moderate drinkers (those who consume between 1 and 3 drinks per day) have the lowest mortality rates. Controlling only for gender and age...

Swiss Re Publishes a Report on the Growing Challenges Associated with Longevity Risk

The reinsurance company Swiss Re recently published a comprehensive report that highlights the risks many societies face as a result of ageing populations and increased life expectancies.
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