Longevity is the length or duration of a life.

Investment Risk and Longevity Risk Should be Seen as Equal Pillars in Investment Decision Making Process

Longevity risk is increasingly seen as a critical consideration in retirement planning process. Investment risk and longevity risk should be equal pillars guiding investment decisions. Translation: A low-risk investment strategy that generates safe but limited returns – while a comfortable and reasonable near-term investment approach – will not be sufficient to fully fund retirement years that could last several decades. Source: Christian Science Monitor Full Story
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There has been a ton of recent discussion in the press about the financial health of life and

What are some rules of thumb for fixed income ppl choosing between bonds and annuities with their lump sum retirement payouts?

This is a great question but it is difficult to answer briefly. 

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I am in my 30s -- is there any reason I would buy an annuity now? My advisor has suggested it.