Longevity Annuity

A longevity annuity is a type of income annuity with a deeply deferred payout period that commences well into the future. For example, a 65 year old person might purchase a longevity annuity with a payout period that begins at age 85. Longevity annuities are relatively new, but they represent a very powerful and efficient form of insurance. Longevity Annuities are often referred to as longevity insurance.

Gallup Poll Indicates that Eighty Percent of Annuity Owners Have Incomes Less than $100,000

Findings from a recent Gallup poll suggest that annuity ownership in the United States is dominated by middle- income households and individuals. Eighty percent of annuity owners have income of less than $100,000, while only four percent of annuity owning households have incomes in excess of $200,000. Other poll findings include: Almost half of the respondents have household income less than $50,000. Seven out of ten annuity owners are retired. The average age of annuity owners is 70. Women...

Morningstar on Longevity Risk

Morningstar's Director of Personal Finance writes about the factors that are within an individual's control and therefore manageable through good planning. The economy and stock market movements are not on the list. Prudent risk management in retirement is on the list. The items that fall into the risk management category include: Longevity risk . Long-term care. Inflation . Regulatory risk and higher taxes. Longevity annuities are discussed in the context of longevity risk. Source: Morningstar...
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Inflation Protected Longevity Annuity

This post is a continuation of a question that was originally posted as a comment here:


The question is whether there are any advanced life deferred annuities that have inflation protection.


The Wall Street Journal's Brett Arends on Annuities

Brett Arends writes a personal finance column for the Wall Street Journal. He is one of the more interesting and popular personal finance writers in the industry. Although a subscription is required to read the Wall Street Journal, Arends' column (among other Journal features) is highly recommended. For the past two weeks, Arends has written columns that focus on annuities. The columns can be accessed by clicking here and here . Both articles are highly recommended. Topics addressed include:...

House Bill Would Impact Taxes on Annuities, IRAs and Longevity Insurance

A House bill introduced by Representative Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., would affect the tax treatment of certain annuities and income from IRAs. H.R. 2748, the Retirement Security Needs Lifetime Pay Act, would create a tax exemption for 50% of the income drawn from a non-qualified annuity. The exemption would be capped at $10,000 per year. The bill would also create a 25% tax exemption for income payments from an individual retirement account (IRA). Last, the bill would exclude the value of longevity...