Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is a statistical measure that estimates how long a person is expected to live. It is computed for an individual or for classes of people such as women between the ages of 35-45. The statistic can be computed by taking into account family history, physical condition, nutrition, environment, lifestyle habits such as smoking, exercise, and sleep patterns. Insurance companies use life expectancy tables to calculate your premium as well as the payout that you get from your annuity. The longer you live, the longer you’re expected to continue living. Figuring out your life expectancy will give you an idea as to how much you need in retirement savings to ensure you don’t run out of money before your death. The IRS Publication 590 is a single life expectancy table.

Lafayette Life

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The Lafayette Life Insurance Company

Lafayette Life provides life insurance and annuity products to individuals and small businesses through multiple distribution channels. The individual product portfolio includes whole life, senior age whole life, term life, universal life, immediate annuities, and indexed universal life and annuities.

Lafayette Life Insurance specializes in fixed annuities where interest is credited on a regular basis and funds may be available at any time. Clients may be subject to possible withdrawal charges, income taxes and penalties. The plans include:

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Investments that Hedge Longevity Risk are Surging

Investors seem to be aware of the fact that they need to hedge longevity risk . In other words, people are concerned about the risk of outliving their assets. Sales of deferred fixed annuities increased 60% in 2008. While many different types of annuity products may be used to hedge longevity risk, the longevity annuity may be optimal if the sole concern is in fact avoiding a scenario in which one outlives their money: "A 60-year-old with a $1 million portfolio but no pension might allocate...
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Wine is Considered Twice as Effective as Beer in Adding to Longevity

Recently published research by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health provides good news for moderate drinkers. The study indicates that both wine and beer may contribute to longevity . The drinking and eating habits of 1,373 men were followed over the course of 4 decades. Results indicate that a half glass of red wine per day may add as much as 5 years to life expectancy. Moderate beer drinkers benefit as well, but only half as much at 2.5 years. Light alcohol consumption--...
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