Life Annuity

An annuity with payments or a payout phase that continues for as long as the annuitant is alive. In contrast to an annuity certain which have payments that only last a certain period of time, the guarantee of payouts for life is important because it provides protection from longevity risk—one of the most important protections provided by annuities.

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Longevity Risk and Portfolio Protection Without a Variable Annuity

Two of the most daunting risks faced by the majority of retirees are:

New Study Assesses Use of Annuities in Wealth Management Strategies

Two industry-leading consultants have published a study that compares a range of wealth management strategies that are available to individuals in retirement. None of the strategies are dominant on an overall basis, but certain approaches show clear strengths in terms of income generation, levels of wealth, and the impact on bequest motives. The dramatic impact of product fees is also addressed. Six different retirement strategies are discussed: Systematic withdrawal from mutual funds. Fixed...