The term frame comes from bevavioral finance and refers to the way in which a decision or problem is presented. For example, the annuity purchase decision can be framed in the context of investing (i.e. gains, losses and terminal wealth) or in the context of consumption and guaranteed income. The manner in which a potential decision is framed can have a huge impact on outcomes. With annuities, for example, framing can impact whether to annuitize, when to buy, how much wealth to annuitize, and what type of annuity to use.

Financial Crisis Retirement Survey

There is a great piece in the Wall Street Journal--in the form of a quiz--that reveals survey results on a range of questions related to retirement planning . Many of the questions and answers are eye opening. All questions are framed in the general context of the financial crisis and are intended to shed light on how pre-retirees' knowledge, views and plans have changed over the past couple of years. Well worth the read. Source: Wall Street Journal Full Story

Columbus Life

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Columbus Life
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Columbus Life Insurance Company

Columbus Life Insurance Company offers services in life insurance and annuities. The company's life insurance options spans across four individual plans designed to cater to different clients, while its annuities plans cover two areas.

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How do I plan for retirement?

The first step when planning for retirement is to take an accurate snap shot of where you are today financially. You cannot effectively determine how to get where you want to go, without determining where you are starting from. Next, define the annual amount of

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Investors Making Terrible Trading Decisions with ETFs

A recent study from John Bogle indicates that retail investors are making miserable buy and sell decisions with exchanged traded funds (ETF). The study looks at the difference between between an ETF's return and the returns of the average dollar invested in those funds. In other words, the study looks at the difference between the fund's return over a particular time frame and the return to the average investor in the fund who made buy and sell decisions over that same period. The study...

A Roth IRA Conversion Might Make Sense with Tax Increases on the Horizon

Both traditional individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs are tax advantaged accounts.

With a traditional IRA, contributions to the account are tax deductible.  Appropriate distributions from the account are taxed in the future at income tax rates that apply to the account owner's future level of income....