AARP Views on Health Reform Present Potential Conflicts with Members' Interests

AARP recently offered support for the health reform legislation that is currently circulating in Congress. As discussed by Grace Marie Turner in a recent Chicago Tribule piece, there is a case to be made that AARP's support of the legislation directly conflicts with the best interests of its 40 million members. AARP receives more than half of its $1.1 billion annual budget from fees related to endorsement and sale of health insurance and other retiree financial services products. So called "...

The Top Reasons to Consider an Annuity

Annuities are complex, largely misunderstood, and often misrepresented in popular financial media.

The reality, though, is that these financial products are becoming an increasingly important part of the financial plans of millions of people around the world.  In fact, annuities are a vital component of the...

Health Events Have a Major Impact on Retirement Assets

A recent article on retirement planning discusses the profound impact that health events can have on retiree assets. A retirement income study by the National Bureau of Economic Research indicates that the association between health and retirement assets is "striking:" People in the bottom 20 percent of the population in terms of their health had median assets only half those of people in the top 20 percent when the research period began in 1994. When it ended 12 years later, the least-healthy...

Questions and Answers on Long-Term Care Insurance

There is a very good article in the New York Times on long-term care insurance . The article is largely in a question and answer format. It is non-technical and there are many comments and questions from readers that should prove very useful to anyone taking a look at long-term care insurance products for themselves or for a family member. There are good, basic questions such as "why should I buy long-term care insurance" and "don't Medicare and Medicaid cover long-term care?" Long-term care...

Financial Crisis Will be Seen Fundamentally as a Crisis for Retirees and Near Retirees

Professor James Galbraith provided a keynote address at a recent industry conference sponsored by NAVA—the Association for Insured Retirement Solutions. 

Professor Galbraith comes from the Economics department at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin.  A Keynesian and an author most recently of The Predator State, Professor Galbraith has been a consistently strong and vocal advocate of government stimulus and intervention in response to the financial crisis.

Professor Galbraith’s basic message is...