Market Volatility


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A Changing Variable Annuity Landscape -- The Consumer Perspective

This is the first part of an interview with Ryan Hinchey.

Ryan is a consulting...

Employers Cautious About Annuities in 401k Plans

Employers who offer 401k plans seem intrigued by the notion of providing an annuity option to employees who participate in the plans. Recent stock market volatility makes the prospect of stable, guaranteed income very attractive in theory: Given the stock market’s volatility, Silgan is one of a number of 401(k) plan sponsors seriously discussing adding an annuity option to their 401(k) plans. With most employees’ 401(k) accounts decimated, the idea of providing guaranteed post-...

Zvi Bodie on the Safety of Stocks in the Long Run

The notion that stocks are risky in the short-run but safe in the long run is a dangerous financial fallacy according to Boston University professor Zvi Bodie.

Professor Bodie has been communicating this view consistently for many years, and the financial crisis has provided strong support for his argument.

The gist of Bodie's view involves that impact that equity market...

Consider Inflation Protected Immediate Annuities for Estate Planning

Financial planning and estate planning have been brutally difficult over the past decade. High levels of market volatility , the possibility of deflation , and now threats of inflation have complicated the financial lives of millions of people. Almost anyone in or nearing retirement is faced with incredibly complex decisions. If, for example, you retired in 2000 yet remained fully invested in the S&P 500 you would have watched well over a third of your retirement nest-egg evaporate. Do you...