Market Volatility

Fees, Portability and Fiduciary Risk Continue to Present Hurdles for In-Plan Annuity Market

"In-Plan" annuities refer to the use of annuities within defined contribution pension programs such as 401k plans. The concept is relatively new, but the timing should be a perfect the concept to gain traction: The financial crisis has devastated the portfolios of many retirees and near-retirees. Millions of baby boomers will add to the 70 million or so U.S. residents over the age of 55. People are starving for stable, guaranteed sources of income in light of market volatility and increasing...

Is the "Cult of Equities" Coming to an End?

Brett Arends' recent column in the Wall Street Journal discusses the Cult of Equities, or as Arends describes: the naïve and euphoric belief that the stock market offers a one-way ticket to wealth: "riches for all." Arends discusses the possibility that a generation of investors--both professional and retail--may be starting to realize that stocks are to be cautiously considered for a portion of one's portfolio rather than serving as the dominant asset class. Market volatility is likely a...

Gold on a Tear While Buffett Takes a Break

If gold prices and Warren Buffett’s investing activities are any indication, the near-term could prove difficult for investors.

Warren Buffett was selling more stocks than he was buying earlier this summer, and...


Standalone Living Benefits Provide Guaranteed Income without Annuities


Part Two of the Interview with Wharton Professor David Babbel

This is the second part of an interview with Professor David Babbel.

Part one can be found here.