Bull Market in Annuity Advice

LPL's president of national sales and marketing--Bill Dwyer--spoke at a recent event centered around national

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Cheaper Annuities

Another very interesting article from Leslie Scism of the Wall Street Journal (article can be viewed by clicking here).

A continuation of the discussion thread on low fee annuities that can be viewed by clicking here.

The Journal article discusses variable annuities and the impact that relatively inexpensive ETFs are having on product development.


Foreign Markets

Some interesting--although high-level--commentary on the development of longevity markets and products in countries outside of the United States, with a particular focus on Asia. 

The commentary is from an insurance / risk management perspective.


New Technology May Enable Rapid Cancer Screening and Detection

Researchers at the University of Toronto's school of medicine have developed a device that will enable rapid cancer screening. The device--a microchip--could can detect certain biomarkers associated with cancer in a matter of minutes. This technology would detect in minutes what now takes hours. Researchers hope that the innovation will lead to more frequent cancer screenings and hopefully higher overall levels of early detection. Source: Scientific American Full Story

Retirement Income Product Innovation a Possibility in Wake of Financial Crisis

The financial crisis may have one unintended consequence that would prove beneficial for millions of retirees. There is a renewed focus among providers of retirement income products in the wake of the financial crisis. The crisis has provided an opportunity for the remaining life and annuity insurers and asset managers to rethink their product offerings. The result could be a wave of innovation that is focused on retirement income and asset decumulation rather than asset accumulation and...