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NAPFA Provides Consumers with Quality Control while Maintaining Flexibility for Financial Advisors

NAPFA is the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

NAPFA membership consists of financial advisors who provide comprehensive...


The Absolute Return Unicorn - Investment Products Offering Both Gains and Protections Prove Elusive

The asset management industry has struggled to provide older investors and retirees with investment products that provide returns with little or no risk of losing principal.

In other words, the industry has not had any success in developing investment products that provide return without any risk.

A recent Wall Street Journal...

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Riding the Bulls or Running from the Bears?

This topic centers around the debate as to whether we're currently experiencing a genuine bull market rally or just observing a short-lived bear market.

Provided are two news articles about the opinions of well known hedge fund managers, George Soros and Crispin Odey.




I have heard that annuities are not good investments. How do I know if an annuity is right for my situation?

To begin with, while many annuities such as variable annuities have investment components, it might be useful to think of an

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