LSE Future of Finance Report

The London School of Economics ("LSE") just published its report titled "The Future of Finance."

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the financial crisis and suggests an approach to reform the world's financial system.

The report is fairly lengthy and is produced from a UK perspective--the contributors came from the UK Financial Services Authority, the Bank of England and the UK Treasury.

Annuities and Framing

The term "framing" refers to the manner in which the annuity purchase decision is presented or "framed" for the consumer.

The term is from the field of behavioral economics / behavioral finance and involves natural (how we are hard-wired) psychological hurdles that impede the understanding and adoption of annuities.

There is a ton of  material on the issue.

Key Phrases: 

The Costs of Investing and How the Fund Management Industry Comes Out on Top

A common refrain among the financial media and the asset accumulation community is that annuities represent a poor option because of the high fees and expenses—much of which is presumably directed towards compensation of intermediaries—that are incurred by the customer.


Part Two of the Interview with Wharton Professor David Babbel

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