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Slides from David Babbel's Fixed Indexed Annuity Study - Recent Historical Evidence

This is a follow-up on two previous entries that discuss the...

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Professor David Babbel Fixed Indexed Annuity Study

I received the following question from MJM in Hawaii:

Where did you finally locate the actual study I have looke everywhere and cannot find it Thanks, mjm in Hawaii

I could not find the study anywhere online either.  Professor Babbel was kind enough to provide access to it.

I will be publishing some of the specific results early next week.

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The Fixed Indexed Annuity Study from Wharton Professor David Babbel

There is in fact a study from Professor David Babbel that compares the performance of fixed indexed annuities to portfolios of stocks and bonds and it is fascinating.

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Are Equity Indexed Annuities Really the Top Performing Asset Class Since 1995?

A recent article in Forbes magazine discusses the pros and cons of equity indexed annuities.

On the negative side the author makes a high level reference to costs and questions whether...