Capital Market

Organized markets such as the NASDAQ that provide a mechanism for the purchase and sale of longer term (usually exceeding 1 year) equity and debt securities.

Prudential and Ameriprise Decline TARP Funds

Prudential Financial and Ameriprise Financial have both indicated that they will decline funds that are available to them through the U.S. Treasury's TARP program. $22 billion in TARP funds are available to six life insurers: Hartford Financial Services Group, Prudential Financial, Principal Financial Group, Lincoln National, Allstate and Ameriprise Financial. Hatford Financial Group is in the final stages of accepting $3.4 billion in funding while Lincoln National is likely to accept $2.5...
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Start Thinking of Retirement Account as Part of Your "Longevity Planning"

Forbes magazine publishes a relatively new section called "Forbes Woman" that is dedicated to issues affecting professional and executive women. A recent column discusses financial planning and the need to consider longevity risk when constructing a portfolio--particularly in light of recent capital market volatility . Longevity risk is especially relevant to women since their life expectancies are longer than men. In addition, many women find themselves solely responsible for their family...

Hartford Financial Hit with Downgrade from Fitch Ratings

Fitch Ratings cut their ratings on Hartford Financial Services Group to two steps above junk status. Analysts are concerned about Hartford's decision to pause or cancel annuity sales in Japan, Germany and the U.K. Hartford has also begun implementing major changes to its U.S. based variable annuity business. Hartford is one of the life and annuity insurers that has been particularly hard hit by the capital market risk and volatility that has been rampant during the financial crisis. Source:...