Capital Market

Organized markets such as the NASDAQ that provide a mechanism for the purchase and sale of longer term (usually exceeding 1 year) equity and debt securities.

Lower Volatility May be Short-Lived

Capital market...

Longevity Risk and Portfolio Protection Without a Variable Annuity

Two of the most daunting risks faced by the majority of retirees are:

Boring and Conservative are the New Darlings of Wealth Management

A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses the renewed focus on conservative and rather boring investment options among the wealth management community. In the wake of extreme capital market volatility during the past couple of years, wealth managers have returned to basics in their discussions with current and prospective clients. Among the more mundane options that are frequently discussed are: Annuities, and in particular fixed annuities. Bank deposits. Dividend paying stocks. Face to...
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How to Determine a Sustainable Level of Retirement Spending

What is the probability that a given level of spending is realistic or “sustainable” throughout one’s retirement?

Stated differently, what is the likelihood that a given level of retirement spending is fraught with...

Life Settlement Market Shrinks in 2008

Similar to many parts of the economy, the market for life settlements took a step back in 2008 as a result of the financial crisis. The face value of life insurance policies that were exchanged through life settlement transactions in 2008 was $11.8 billion, a slight decrease from $12.2 billion in 2007. "Tighter" capital market conditions contributed to the recent advantage that buyers have had over sellers. Analysts believe that the general advantage will return to sellers as liquidity and...
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