Capital Market

Organized markets such as the NASDAQ that provide a mechanism for the purchase and sale of longer term (usually exceeding 1 year) equity and debt securities.

Longevity Report

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Why Buy an Annuity

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Annuity Digest Buying Guide: Why Buy an Annuity

A handful of very large, powerful trends are currently shaping the retirement income landscape:

Sequence of Returns Risk

Sequence of returns risk is something that anyone remotely close to retirement or recently retired should be thinking about in light of constant capital market volatility.

Capital Market Volatility

After the past week, I'm really starting to wonder why any retail investor would continue to tolerate the ridiculous danger and

The Opportunity of a Lifetime for Life Insurers

There currently exists what would appear to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for life insurance companies who are essentially the manufacturers of asset decumulation products such as annuities.