Capital Market

Organized markets such as the NASDAQ that provide a mechanism for the purchase and sale of longer term (usually exceeding 1 year) equity and debt securities.

Who Provides Longevity Insurance

The U.S. longevity insurance market has been developing for almost a decade, and yet there are...

The Best Financial Planning Resources are Affordable and Far Removed from Wall Street

Laurence Kotlikoff is a Professor of Economics and Boston University. Professor Kotlikoff is one of the nation’s leading experts on fiscal policy, national saving and personal finance. 

Professor Kotlikoff is the author or co-author of 15 books and he publishes extensively in newspapers, magazines and blogs on issues of personal finance, financial reform, taxes,...


What is Driving the Rush for the Variable Annuity Exit?


The Financial Impact of Aging Populations

A recent article published in the Financial Analysts Journal examines the relationship between demographics and both economic growth and capital market returns. The authors—Robert Arnott and Denis Chaves—use a new econometric technique to confirm a strong link between demographic trends and: excess (in excess of returns on domestic cash) stock market returns; excess bond market returns, and; real per capita gross domestic product (GDP). Ten year forecasts for GDP growth, bond market...
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Short-Term Focus has Adverse Impact on Retirement Income Product Development

Warren Buffett’s most recent shareholder letter focuses on the merits of productive assets such as equities in light of the current low interest rate environment and the potential for future inflation.

Buffett’s view is that although productive assets are variable and volatile, they are more likely to preserve future purchasing power than the fixed or currency-based alternatives.

Buffett’s advice would seem to provide a...