A broker acts as the intermediary or middleman between a buyer and a seller and earns a commission from the transaction. There are brokers in just about any kind of business – real estate, mortgage, insurance, bonds, stock market, customs, commodities, foreign exchange, etc. In the stock market, the broker is the link between the investor and the stock exchange. Brokers as a rule have to sit for exams to earn a license in order to solicit business, offer any advice and transact on your behalf.

Achaean Financial is Proving Innovation is Alive and Well in the Annuity Business

Lorry Stensrud, a seasoned executive turned entrepreneur, is on the leading-edge of retirement income product development with his new Venture Achaean Financial.

Achaean’s Income Plus+ product provides a relatively high level of guaranteed starting income while maintaining both...

Is it possible to use USD in an IRA account to purchase a Swiss Longevity annuity?

Good question.

First thing to consider is that--to my knowledge--there are only a few types of annuities offered by Swiss insurance companies.

Cheaper Annuities

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The Journal article discusses variable annuities and the impact that relatively inexpensive ETFs are having on product development.


Fixed Annuity Market Challenges

A very good article from Darla Mercado at Investment News discusses the current challenges that insurers face in the