Bequest Motive

The term bequest motive refers to the incentives behind the desire for a person or persons to pass along their assets when they pass away to heirs such as children or other family members. The bequest motive is important to understand in the context of annuities because certain types of annuities tie-up assets and prevent the contract owner from passing along or “bequeathing” those assets to their heirs.

The Wall Street Journal's Brett Arends on Annuities

Brett Arends writes a personal finance column for the Wall Street Journal. He is one of the more interesting and popular personal finance writers in the industry. Although a subscription is required to read the Wall Street Journal, Arends' column (among other Journal features) is highly recommended. For the past two weeks, Arends has written columns that focus on annuities. The columns can be accessed by clicking here and here . Both articles are highly recommended. Topics addressed include:...