Asset Accumulation

Asset accumulation typically refers to the savings and growth of financial assets during the course of one’s working years. Assets accumulated during one’s working years provide the basis for decumulation during one’s retirement years.

Retirement Income Planning

Yet another interesting article from Darla Mercado at Investment News discusses the push among financial advisors to consider annuity purchases in the context of a larger retirement planning process.

AXA Equitable Releases Innovative Variable Annuity

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company has been an innovator in the variable annuity industry. The company was a pioneer in the area of guaranteed living benefits with the launch of the first guaranteed minimum income benefit . AXA has recently launched a new variable annuity product named "Retirement Cornerstone." Retirement Cornerstone features a "dual account platform" that provides the potential for long-term asset accumulation and growth as well as downside protection through a guaranteed...

The Costs of Investing and How the Fund Management Industry Comes Out on Top

A common refrain among the financial media and the asset accumulation community is that annuities represent a poor option because of the high fees and expenses—much of which is presumably directed towards compensation of intermediaries—that are incurred by the customer.


Retirement Income Product Innovation a Possibility in Wake of Financial Crisis

The financial crisis may have one unintended consequence that would prove beneficial for millions of retirees. There is a renewed focus among providers of retirement income products in the wake of the financial crisis. The crisis has provided an opportunity for the remaining life and annuity insurers and asset managers to rethink their product offerings. The result could be a wave of innovation that is focused on retirement income and asset decumulation rather than asset accumulation and...

Chief Investment Strategist from TIAA-CREF -- Think of Income When Considering Annuities

Annuities are all about producing income that will last according to P. Brett Hammond. Hammond is the chief investment strategist for TIAA-CREF asset management. In Hammond's view wealth creation and asset accumulation are fine, but producing income should be front and center when thinking about retirement: There's nothing wrong with wealth creation. In fact, it's fabulous. But the problem is if you're only thinking about wealth creation for retirement income, you may forget about all the other...