The actual process of converting a sum of money into a stream of income and the point at which annuity payments begin. For example, with Social Security the sum of money that has hypothetically been accumulating over one’s working years would be annuitized when the person chooses to begin receiving Social Security benefits.

Financial Crisis Leads to New Respect for Annuities Among Financial Advisors

Some of the nation's most prominent financial advisors are looking at annuities in a new light. Partial annuitization to ensure a base of stable income is discussed. Think twice if you are at or approaching retirement and you are not able to at least have a basic annuity-related discussion with your financial advisor . "At the end of the day, investors want to know they can withdraw X amount of dollars [a year] for life. That's why it makes a little more sense than it ever has before," he says...

Consider Alternatives Such as Immediate Annuities to “Stop Risking Life Savings”

Article encourages partial annuitization through fixed annuities as a prudent approach to planning one's retirement finances. Even if you invest well and diversify your portfolio, you can't be completely sure that you'll outlive your money. That's where putting a portion of your assets into an immediate annuity can be useful -- by guaranteeing a stream of income for life, supplementing what you'll get from Social Security and any employer pension you might receive. Source: Motley Fool Full Story